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As a seasoned dog behaviorist, Christine Ricci is the heart, mind, and soul behind Bella Dog Psychology.

Christine began training dogs professionally in 1994 in the tiny state of Rhode Island. In 2012 she founded Bella Dog Psychology in Tucson, Arizona. Today she works across the United States and Canada training and rehabilitating dogs from all backgrounds and situations.

Christine's talents extend to nearly all areas of dog behavior, as she not only rehabilitates fearful and aggressive dogs, but also trains ADA certified service animals, specializing in providing service for mobility and stability, epilepsy, diabetes, PTSD, and clinical anxiety. She corrects unwanted behaviors in adult dogs and even offers puppy training for new additions to the family.



Obedience Training

Service includes in-home evaluation and one-on-one training for socialization, structured on-leash walk, and basic commands incuding sit, stay, and come.

Add-on: Pool desensitization

Puppy Training

Puppy package includes crate training, socialization, and basic obedience training.


For dogs with behavioral issues such as fear and nervousness, separation anxiety, destructiveness, aggression, and any other complications outside the scope of basic obedience training. Christine is one of very few dog behaviorists who is willing to work with truly aggressive dogs.

Service Training

Christine trains dogs for services including mobility and stability, seizure detection for epilepsy, blood sugar level detection for diabetes, and theraputic intervention for PTSD and clinical anxiety. Training is personalized to each human/service dog pair. Please call or email for more information on service dog training, rates, discounts, and special circumstance.

Seminars and Group Lessons

Christine travels the United States and Canada working with dogs and educating humans on dog behavior. Please contact us to schedule a visit to your community or business.

Special Topics

Business owner rights and responsibilities: spotting fake service animals.


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